Amber Systems Technologies is a leading developer of point-of-sales (POS) software for the restaurant, specialty retail, grocery, wineries, and other industries. We have been in the Bay area supporting business owners for the past decade and have assisted countless restaurants to own their POS without all the hidden and added cost.



“Join the new era of EMV point-of-sale solutions.”


Our POS  is designed from ground up, placing the customer first. AST POS is the renaissance in the POS industry with innovative ideas and great client support. We deliver high quality products using latest and the best modern technologies available. AST has successfully deployed Point Of Sales Solutions software over to several hundreds of new and existing all types of restaurants, such as pizza parlors, delis, bars, yogurt parlors, diners, cafes and more. By using the incredibly affordable and reliable technology of Linux, Windows and now Android as well, you stand to become another happy AST client family member. We can assist you to jump start and streamline your business operations to the next level.