Aura Analytics:

Manage your store by using Aura Analytics, an AI and ML driven Cloud analytics tool in real time synced to the location to help you oversee your business operations. Includes everything from monitoring your sales, pulling up past sales, managing employee hours, and keeping your stock in track and managing multiple locations from one place, much more …

Hardware for Retail:

Our certified POS Station hardware solution integrates very well with top of the line Magellan/ Datalogix Weighing scale and scanner, portable Honeywell barcode scanners, Brother barcode printers, Ingenico pinpads, ACD ( Customer Display ) and much more to keep things easy.

AST POS is “NTEP CC 14-074” certified this makes the product legal for trade, qualified and ready to go!!

Keep Track of Inventory:

Keep track of all of your store’s items so you know exactly when you run out of certain items and when to restock. Automated Invoice generation to the Vendors, email, and SMS alerts if the stock goes below the threshold levels. Thus you will never overbuy or not have in stock when needed. Our advanced AI and ML algorithms on AURA help you keep your business running on the forefront without losing sleep and managing team with ease.

Loyalty Program and Gift Cards:

Build customer loyalty with a  rewards program and offer rewards to your most valuable customers! Loyalty/ Membership/ Rewards program is built in feature and can be customized as per needs, such as based on Amount spent, Items count, Visit counts and much more…