Features and Benefits

Benefits of AST-UniPos

Multiple Solutions with Unified Database

Embedded tools for Client Retention

Fully Featured software with modules for different business types

Fast, Secure processing with support for EMV, NFC, and Tokenization

Trusted product and services since 2004

Deeper knowledge-base to support any setup

Affordable, Robust, Simple set up

Competitive bundled value offering

Business Software designed for Busy Restaurants and Retailers alike

Drastically increase efficiency and profitability in the busiest business environments with optimized features and performance

AI-driven Data Analytics with Aura Dashboard

Maximize profitability with in-depth reports, alerts, charts, loyalty, marketing and much more …

Robust Technology built for Restaurants

Latest tools help integrate all business processes

Reliably helping thousands of users like you and grows alongside your company

Tailored for you for your daily business operations

The hardware and software are optimized for the specific business.

Call us when you need help, we love helping customers and ensuring that you never miss a sale

Multiple systems out there offer fragmented solutions wasting your valuable time and money.

AST-UniPOS is a Single source of an Integrated Solution which is more productive and all data stays with you.

Training, labor, and wastages quickly add up and eat away at your profits

AST UniPOS intuitive system shrinks training time and helps grow profits faster

Full-Featured Software

Quick Serve, Fast Food


Diners / Casual/ Full Service

Pizza Delivery



Salon and more… 

Constantly listening, Constantly evolving, Exponentially growing!

>> That is our Team at “AST-UniPos”

If you are part of operations listed below then Contact us: sales@astpos.com or call us: 1-888-975-1118 we will show you tools to save you Money.

There are more than 1 million restaurant locations in the U.S.

Restaurant industry’s projected sales for 2018 was $825 billion

76% of restaurateurs look for labor management tools in POS

80% of restaurants are turning to technology for online ordering, reservation and inventory apps, and restaurant analytics to run their business

68% of customers agree that server tablets improves the restaurant experience

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Vigore: How To Edit Menu Items

This video tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about editing menu items. Learn how to: Add a menu item Edit menu items Edit/add cook options Edit/add tax options Add modifiers Create an item alias Update Price Delete menu items

Vigore: How to Make Table Service Orders

Learn how to make table service orders quickly and efficiently with AST’s Vigore software! Learn how to use functions like: Split Items Exact Cash Credit Card Split Pay Gift Card

Vigore: Sales Analysis

Learn how perform a Sales Analysis using the Vigore software. Learn how to create: Current Analysis report History Report Performance report Trial Close

Vigore: How To Use the Retail Module

Learn how to make an order using Vigore’s Retail Module  

Vigore: How To Make Quick Serve Orders

Learn how to make an order using Vigore’s Quick Serve Module  

Vigore: How to Make Phone Orders

This video tutorial will help you learn how to make phone orders easily using AST’s Vigore Software. Learn how to: Make credit card payments Use Drive-Out and Drive-In functions Driver Cash Out  

AST Self-Ordering Kiosk: How-To

Watch a tutorial on how to use the AST Kiosk! Increase restaurant sales, improve efficiency and guest experience, and reduce wait times by allowing customers to pay directly at a self-ordering kiosk with an integrated card reader. You can ...

Latest Products

AST Self-Ordering Kiosk Increase restaurant sales, improve efficiency, improve guest experience, and reduce wait times by allowing customers to pay directly at a self-ordering kiosk with an integrated card reader. You can install AST’s ...

AST is EMV Ready

  EMV Frequently Asked Questions     How to Perform and EMV Chip Card Transaction   WHEN PERFORMING AN EMV CHIP CARD TRANSACTION: When performing an EMV chip card transaction, insert the card into the Smart Card Reader slot ...

AST in the App Store

AST’s Aura Analytics, Online Ordering, Tableside Ordering, Waitlist/Reservation, and Kiosk Ordering are all available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Free download to try!                                   

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