Your satisfaction means the world to us and we know that your business deserves the best POS service available. That’s why we are proud to introduce our next-level, customer-support package: ELITE Care!


ELITE Care includes the following:


Remote Support:

Get access to unlimited support via phone or email for help with any issue, big or small. Our remote login software allows us to provide you with on-screen support in a flash! As an ELITE Care client, distance is never an issue when it comes to satisfaction.



On-Site Service:

Have something you need fixed immediately and in person? Help is on the way! Our on-site services are happy to help you in the case of a tech emergency. Say goodbye to expensive hourly on-site support fees!



Cloud Backup*:

Accidents happen. Computers can be worn out, stolen, or destroyed. Who knows? While equipment is easily replaced, you may not have time to back up your valuable data – financial reports, client’s data, menu, inventory, payroll, and other essential information.

To combat this, we provide secure, confidential, and automatic Cloud Backups for our ELITE Care clients. By having a backup of everything in the cloud, we can help you recover from a complete disaster without any loss of precious information. Additionally, we offer the option to opt-in for archiving your business historical data for up to 5 years, at no extra charge.


Software Upgrades*:

We are always striving to develop new ideas and innovations to keep our customers ahead of the game. Ongoing development, improvement, and expansion of our Point-of-Sale software means that AST just keeps getting better. We continue to add new features that are most commonly requested.

Any standard customer can get one-time software upgrades for $500, but as an ELITE Care client you get them as often as you like for half off ($250).



Merchant Card Integration:

ELITE Care clients receive industry-leading credit card processors for a one-time activation and setup fee. The built-in reader on your POS will ensure faster, easier and more accurate credit card payments.

No need to worry about chip transactions, either. With the integration of any one of our merchants, our EMV solutions will allow you to perform safer, faster, and more secured transactions via card chip while still remaining affordable. You’ll be able to process through First Data (FDIS), HeartLand (HPS), and more!


ELITE Hardware Discount:

We understand searching for all POS hardware such as extra printers, paper, ink, and so on can be time consuming. As an ELITE Care client you receive a special 5% discount on all AST certified and compliant hardware items. Buy all of your POS items from one place, without any hassle.



* Note: Static IP address required for this feature. A static IP address is usually available for a minimal charge from your Internet Service Provider.  Contact your Internet service providers such as (Comcast, ATT, etc.) for more specific information. You may need a network and hardware upgrades.