The TRA Marketplace is an annual event hosted by the Texas Restaurant Association. Businesses get the chance to present aspects of their brand that make them unique–from mouth-watering meals to cutting edge technology. 2018 marks the 81st anniversary of the trade show, with people travelling from all over the world to see what the industry has to offer. Not only that, but it was the 300th anniversary for the city of San Antonio. The turn out for exhibitors was a little over 500, while visitors were estimated to be between 1000 and 5000.

Entrance to the event

Newcomers that walked into the convention center were greeted by the wonderful aromas of food wafting from the rows of booths. Restaurants offered samples of hot, savory dishes and chilled, refreshing beverages. Despite the plethora of food, visitors would find themselves curious about the gentle lights emanating from the screens of a Point-of-Sale booth.

CEO Naveen setting up the booth.

Amber System Technologies (AST POS) created a lot of interest from visitors and restaurant owners alike. The company presented unique and affordable solutions such as the Self Ordering KEO kiosk with it’s EMV-ready solutions and order display systems. The easy-to-use POS software was also customizable, as the company has a local team of programmers ready to help match business needs. Visitors were especially impressed with their centralized database, which allowed the end user to control their sales and reports. Not only that, but the database enabled the user to synchronize reports from the their POS systems, kiosks, customizable apps, and even online orders.

The AST POS team and the First American team.

The Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, where the trade show was being hosted, is no stranger to the company. They have purchased a whopping 28 POS stations from long before the TRA Marketplace.

Over 20 competing POS companies were unable to match the various capabilities that AST POS were able to provide. While some of their POS systems seemed satisfactory, many couldn’t offer a similar, versatile database. Some only focused on mobile ordering or payroll, while AST was capable of doing both. Many other solutions were standalone systems, and couldn’t integrate sales data with other systems of the same brand. Some could only offer their POS system on devices such as an iPad, therefore reducing the visibility and dynamics of their solution and increasing limitation on their software.

View from booth #1133

Overall, the TRA Marketplace was a great opportunity for our team to meet talented restaurateurs, resellers, corporate teams, and other people who could benefit from our technology. Our unified solutions will always be guaranteed to simplify business management and sales with less hassle and at an affordable price.