Manage your company remotely with in-depth valuable real time data on your PC or internet connected smart phone or tablets. It includes everything from monitoring your sales, pulling up past sales, managing employee’s hours, and much more.


Home Screen:

On the home screen, you can see the amount of sales, sales count, payment breakdown, and list of employees. It also shows your current hourly sales, latest orders, current orders, and most sold items


Compare Stores:

This function is perfect for businesses who have multiple stores/locations!

Use Aura to compare order count, cash count, credit count, cash amount, credit amount, sales, cost and net operating income between multiple stores.


Averages by Day of Week:

Calculate your order and sales averages for each day of the week. Choose a date range and Aura will automatically find the data for you.


Hourly Sales:

Get a breakdown of your hourly sales within a specific date range.


Order Details:

Find out the breakdown of sales of each of your items within a specific time frame.


Edit Menu Items:

Easily edit multiple menu items at once using Aura. You can edit ingredients, remove items, toggle tax, add new items, update price levels, and export a menu list to excel.

View and Edit Employees:

You can view employee hours within a certain time frame. You can choose to download the data as a CSV file, Excel file, PDF, and more.

You can also edit employee hours as well.


Inventory Management

View all your current inventory, update your current inventory stock,  add new inventory, edit existing inventory, add and edit new/existing invoice, manage purchase orders, and manage stock units using Aura!